Sports Facilty Approval


Sports Facilities

An increasing number of sports governing bodies are now specifying that facilities must be inspected and accredited if they are to be used for certain categories of competition. Such testing has to be undertaken by laboratories accredited by the relevant governing body.

As our in-house laboratory is accredited by all the major sports governing bodies we are able to undertake such testing and submit reports on your behalf to allow facility approval to be granted.

We can also offer Consultancy services and Key stage testing for Sports facilities.

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3g Sports Pitch

If you have a 3g Pitch it has to be tested every 3 years to conform with FA standards. CST can perform this test for you. Contact us now for a quotation and an appointment.

IAAF Track Approval

As a manufacturer and supplier of synthetic sports surfaces, you will already be familiar with the testing and accreditation arrangements operated by IAAF. Here at CST-Global is formally accredited by IAAF to test both Athletic surfacing products and track facilities, indoor and outdoor, to their published standards. Contact us now for your quotation and appointment.

Tennis Court Approval

Here at CST-Global we are formally accredited by the ITF to test tennis court surfacing products to their classification system. Contact us now for your quotation and appointment.